Your Health is in Good Hands



Here you will find helpful handouts such as New Patient Forms, Educational Materials, and Exercises that have been prescribed by your doctor.


Please go to contact page and submit a request and someone will email you a copy of our forms if you are interested in becoming a New Patient.


Additional Information:

The educational information on this page and within these documents is here for the convenience for patients of New Smyrna Wellness Center who have undergone a thorough examination by a physician and received a medical diagnosis. The medical treatments found here should not be used in lieu of appropriate medical care. The information here should not be used unless Dr. Meredith, Ellis Fort (PA), Amy Zilcosky (PA) or Laura Ballew (PA)  have examined you and directed you to a specific treatment as part of your care. For your safety, if you are interested in a specific treatment or have questions about care, please call the office to make an appointment.