Patient Testimonials

What are people saying about the New Smyrna Wellness Center? The word is spreading and people have good things to say about New Smyrna Wellness center and the many services we offer! 

Here at New Smyrna Wellness Center, we strive to bring our patient's individualized attention. We focus on back pain. Back pain can be treated in many ways. We have many exciting and innovative back pain treatments. Pain management does not always use narcotics, it can include epidural injections, trigger point injections, sacroiliac joint injections, hip injections, knee injections, ankle injections. Pain management encompasses many techniques to bring relief. We also offer substance abuse treatment. We offer outpatient substance abuse with buprenorphine, or Suboxone, or Subutex, or Zubsolv. Buprenorphine can get people off of addictive opioid medications and drugs. When used properly they can be lifesaving and life-changing medications. We strongly encourage all of our Suboxone patients to undergo outpatient counseling with a therapist. In addition we also offer IV amino acid and NAD therapy for drug and alcohol detox. IV NAD and amino  acid therapy can lessen the withdrawal period and speed the recovery process. IV NAD therapy has also shown promising results in parkinson's patients. New Smyrna Wellness Center is here to help you. New Smyrna Wellness Center has the staff and expertise to treat your pain and primary care complaints. We offer primary care services and our primary care physician is her to serve all of your medical needs. We also offer dermatology needs with a full-service skin program. Our dermatology skin practice offers cryosurgery and skin exams and biopsy and excisions of skin lesions. We take medicare, blue cross blue shield, united healthcare, cigna. As a medicare provider we offer wellness exams. Come in today to get a physical exam by a primary care family physician. We can also treat your pain management issues. We can treat your dermatology needs. 

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-Ron S., New Smyrna Beach, FL

"I had numbness and tingling from my neuropathy and was referred to Dr. Meredith by another patient for help. I underwent neuropathy treatment, and after his therapy, my neuropathy symptoms had nearly resolved and my balance is great! Now I can play golf, play horseshoes and do my activities without my neuropathy slowing me down. Dr. Meredith's experience has been very helpful and very successful. I can't compliment the staff and doctor enough. It is a pleasure to make my appointments."


-Kara J., New Smyrna Beach, FL

"I started my journey with the weight loss program August 1, 2019. I have struggled with weight loss for many years and had been discouraged from all the effort I put into losing weight and not seeing results. I knew I needed a kick start to give motivation to work harder at my weight goal. My first consultation with Liz, I was sold immediately on the program and signed up that day. I weighed in at 196.8 and my weight loss goal is 150-140. The accountability is the best part of the program and knowing only Liz and I know the results each week and what I need to do to keep excelling at my goals. Eating properly, and exercising consistently is the key to this program.

If I could recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a weight loss program that you want to stick with this would be the program to try. Since August 2019 to Friday February 7th, 2020 I have went from 196.8lbs to 171lbs fluctuating. I have gone so far but yet I still have so far to go.

Thank you New Smyrna Wellness Center and mainly Liz Baker and all the other staff for helping make my goals come true!