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Men's Health

As men age, important hormones can decrease, which can lead to fatigue, sleep problems, mood disturbances, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and muscle wasting. Hormone levels can help determine if this the cause of your symptoms. Once we identify the cause, there are a variety of treatment options that increase vitality and return to a high quality of life.


Perhaps you are ready for a vasectomy? When you are ready to make that important decision in your life, call us and we will be there to walk you through the entire process.

Peyronie's disease is a difficult condition to treat. At NSWC, our trained professionals have successfully returned men to their full function. We have. minimally invasive options to help you get back your confidence. Call us today for a consultation.  

We also see a number of men for erectile dysfunction (ED). We examine underlying and hidden causes of ED, such as hormones or medications. Speak with one of our clinicians today.

Get back your vitality and check your Testosterone level today!