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Back Pain Therapy

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! At New Smyrna Wellness Center, our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed. Many people suffer from debilitating and chronic back pain. We have many solutions to help get you feeling your best again, including:

-Comprehensive Medical Management

-Percutaneous Implantable Nerve Stimulator

-Trigger Point Injections


-Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

-Physical Therapy

-Back Bracing (DME)

-Epidural Injections

-Facet Injections

-Disc Injections


Prolotherapy is an injection based therapy used for treating injured joints and connective tissue. These injections contain natural substances like saline, dextrose and sarapin (an alternative to steroids). Lidocaine is also used to numb the area around the injection site to minimize discomfort. This injection helps trigger the body's natural healing response to help regrow healthy ligament and tendon fibers. This can lead to increased mobility and decreased pain. Multiple treatments of prolotherapy can increase it's effectiveness over time. The process takes less than 30 minutes with little to no downtime after the procedure.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma is used as a treatment for various problems including sprains, repetitive strain injuries and chronic tendon injuries. First, a member of our highly trained staff will draw your blood and spin it down to concentrate the level of platelets in your plasma. After the blood cells are removed, the remaining platelet rich plasma serum is injected into the affected area in order to stimulate the healing of the joint. This is effective because the platelets in our blood contain high levels of proteins called "growth factors". Injecting these concentrated growth factors into the injured area helps the body heal more rapidly using your own body's natural medicine!

Physical Therapy

Trigger Point Injections

TPI's, or Trigger Point Injections are used as a method of pain management for tense and swollen muscles. Muscles often tense up and cause knots when they are strained for extended periods of time. These are called trigger points and can often cause pain that radiates to other areas of the body. TPI's are a series of minor injections that take no longer than 15 minutes. Your healthcare provider will identify where these trigger points are located and inject a local anesthetic or saline. This helps relieve pain in the area and relax the muscle again.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

The Peripheral Nerve Stimulator is is a minimally-invasive device that consists of a programmed computer chip and electrodes that is placed behind the ear. The electrodes are then placed over top of select nerve endings to stimulate different areas of the brain responsible for sending and receiving pain signals. Pain reduction can be experienced in often as little as 10 minutes following the procedure.

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Back Bracing (DME)

Chronic pain caused by things like medical conditions, injuries and surgery, can be managed with different bracing techniques. These braces are specifically fitted to your body in order to restrict movement in order to give your body time to heal from these conditions. They help heal current injuries while also preventing new injuries from occurring. Braces help keep your bones and muscles in alignment to reduce discomfort and stress on the injured area while allowing other areas of the body to move freely.

Facet Injection

Epidural Steroid Injection (ESI)

This minimally invasive procedure consists of an injection of steroid medication directly into the epidural space which is the fatty area between bones and the spinal cord. These injections can help relieve pain in many areas of the body including the back, neck, arm and legs among others. The injection contains a corticosteroid and an anesthetic to reduce pain immediately. This helps to remove proteins in the area that are causing inflammation. ESI’s are generally temporary but can ease pain long enough for the benefits of physical therapy and exercise to take effect. Most patients can resume normal activities the next day following the procedure.

A facet joint injection is another option when treating chronic back pain. In the facet joint injection, your physician will sterilize and numb the area before the fluoroscopy guided injection takes place. A small amount of contrast dye is then injected into the joint to make sure the needle is placed properly. Then a mixture of anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medication is slowly injected into the area. The injection is done in just a few minutes and patients can often resume normal activities the following day.

Your PCP might suggest Physical therapy for pain management as well. Physical Therapy can be used to treat a wide range of symptoms and ailments through the natural movement of your own body. It can be used in tandem with other pain management methods or on its own. Some of the common goals of Physical Therapy involve pain reduction, improved mobility, recovery from injury or surgery, balance improvement, managing chronic illness such as diabetes and arthritis, adapting to the use of an artificial limb and many more. Our Physical Therapists will use many techniques that patient's cannot do for themselves at home. Each Physical Therapy program is custom created for each patient based on their needs. To find out more, click here.